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Eagle Resources

Eagle Project Resources

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Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

This is your Service Project workbook.

This version of the workbook was released in January 2019. Scouts preparing new proposals should use this version of the form. Revised proposals originally submitted in 2018 may continue to use the previous form (released October 2015). There is no need to copy the proposal to a new workbook.

Note carefully the instructions that you must save this file to your local drive before opening it using the most recent version of Adobe Reader. It will not display correctly in your web browser.

Check within your unit as they are encouraged to maintain their own versions pre-filled with unit-specific information. It is, however, your responsibility to ensure that the workbook you use matches the official current version on the BSA website.

Guidelines for Age Appropriate use of tools

Guidelines for age appropriate use of tools (from the Guide to Safe Scouting)

Scouts should refer to this document when preparing the Safety sections of their Proposal and Final Plan.

Eagle Application Resources

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Eagle Scout Rank Application

This link is to the January 2019 printing of the application on the official BSA web site. This should be used for all new applications. Scouts who have already completed the 2017 application and begun to obtain signatures may continue to use that version. You may save it to your computer where you can complete it electronically or print it and complete it by hand.

Recommendation Letter Requests

 See also pages 10, 12 & 14 of the 2018 Occoneechee Council Life to Eagle Guide

Eagle Service Project Registration form

The preferred method is to register your project and upload a photo using Alternatively, your may print and complete page 14 of the 2018 Occoneechee Council Life to Eagle Guide.  Bring the completed form and a high quality photo of your project to your Eagle Board of Review.

Shakori Districts’s Eagle Candidate Checklist  Outlines recommendation letter requirements, as well as all items that must be submitted to the council office in the Eagle packet.

Additional Resources

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2018 Occoneechee Council Life to Eagle Guide

Produced by the Occoneechee Council Advancement Committee, this guide is designed to help Eagle candidates and adult leaders understand the requirements for advancement to Eagle and how they are applied in our council.

Guide to Safe Scouting

The official BSA publication designed to prepare adult leaders to conduct Scouting activities safely and prudently. The first section of the guide is devoted to youth protection and adult leadership.

Eagle candidates must ensure that adults who provide supervision for their projects are acquainted with, and agree to abide by, these guidelines and those in the Guide to Safe Scouting

BSA Guide to Advancement:

N.B. The 2017 edition of the Guide to Advancement has just been published (July, 2017). It is currently available as a pdf version which can be downloaded from:

The sections listed below are relevant to candidates for the Eagle Scout Rank and adults who support them on the trail. Direct links to the on-line versions of these sections will be re-established when the on-line publication becomes available.


“Boards of Review: An Overview for All Ranks”

Required Reading for all members of Eagle Boards of Review.


“Boards of Review: Particulars for the Eagle Scout Rank”

Required Reading for all members of Eagle Boards of Review.

Section “The Eagle Scout Rank”
Section “The Eagle Scout Service Project”
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