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Shakori District Eagle Page

Covid-19 Related News for Life Scouts:

April 14, 2020 – Covid-19 related requests for Extension to complete Eagle Scout requirements.

Occoneechee Council has just released a form to use to request an extension to earn Eagle for Covid-19 related requests ONLY. You may download the form here:

Click to access COVID-19-Extension-Request-4-9-2020.pdf

Before completing the form refer to the section on local a council’s limited ability to grant time extensions under Advancement — Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts

Covid-19 FAQ at

This form is only for Covid-19 related extension requests. A request for any other circumstance must use the published procedure in the Guide to Advancement.

N.B. A Scout does not need an extension request if requirements 1-6 were completed before the 18th birthday. Completed paperwork should be held until the Scout Office is able to reopen.


If you are a Star or Life Scout (or their parent) wanting to advance to the Rank of Eagle then you are in the right place!

These pages will provide you information specific to earning the Eagle Scout Rank in Shakori District and if you follow the guidance here and the help and advice that adults in your troop can provide, you have a good chance of successfully navigating the process of earning the Eagle Scout Rank.

If you are not a scout from Shakori District, you may find the information here useful however you must talk to the Eagle Committee of your own District as they may do things a little differently to Shakori District!

So, let’s get started with a couple of essentials about the Eagle Scout Rank and how it is a little different to the other Scout ranks and your experience in Scouting so far:

Eagle Scout Rank essentials

  1. In addition to actually completing a set of requirements like other ranks in Scouting, to advance to Eagle Scout Rank, you have to actually complete an application – The “Eagle Scout Rank Application” to be precise.
  2. The Board of Review for Eagle Scout Rank is conducted by people in scouting from across the Shakori District and not just within your unit.  Don’t worry, these people are kind and friendly, just like you!
  3. To earn the Eagle Scout Rank, you need to “plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project”.  This is a major undertaking but you already know this since you have helped others with their Eagle Projects!

    What you might not know is that this project is but one of seven requirements you need to satisfy to earn Eagle Scout Rank.  Don’t forget those others!

What you will find in these pages

These pages focus primarily on the following:

  • How you plan and prepare for your Eagle Project in our District.
  • How to submit an “Eagle Scout Packet” to Occoneechee Council along with your Eagle Scout Rank Application.
  • How the Eagle Board of Review works in Shakori District.

We’ll also would like to introduce you to TomTom who is here to help you as far as man can guide his brother. TomTom is a real Scout from Shakori District (many of you may know him) who earned the Eagle Scout Rank in 2013.  At the time of writing he is 17 and still very active in the BSA.  After we had written this, we asked him to review it and add his tips.  Here is his first:

TomTom’s tip: “I have never met anyone who says that they regret earning the Eagle Scout Rank, but I have met many who regret that they didn’t.”

Where else can you get help?

First and foremost, talk to your parents. Download the project workbook, read it carefully, share it with you parents and discuss it together.

Talk to your Eagle coach.  Every Life Scout, and some Star Scouts, will have an Eagle adviser from their troop.  If you do not have one or do not know who your adviser is, ask your Scoutmaster.  If your unit cannot provide a coach, talk to the Chairperson of the Shakori District Eagle Committee and they will help you find one.

Talk to your Scoutmaster or your Assistant Scoutmasters. They usually have helped many young men earn the Eagle Scout Rank and know what to do.  There’s also a good chance that they themselves are an Eagle Scout.

Talk to one of the Shakori District Eagle Committee members or to the Chairperson of the Shakori District Eagle Committee.

Here is what Shakori Eagle Scout, TomTom suggests:

TomTom’s Tip:  “There are a lot of people about you who want you to succeed but they won’t know that you need their help unless you ask them for it!”

So let’s get started

So far, we’ve not provided you with any links to anything or given you any contacts – we wanted you to get this far without any distractions. We’re going to fix that very soon – just keep reading!

We’ve also removed all of that other stuff from the sidebar to the right and replaced it with all the Eagle links that you will find useful and how to connect with the Shakori District Eagle Committee. When you come back here a second, third, fourth time, use those links to find your way quickly.

TomTom’s Tip:  “You need to want to succeed and now is a time not to just lead others but to lead yourself to success.”

The below links will take you to additional pages that provide you with guidance you need to help you achieve the Eagle Scout Rank.

Ten Steps to a successful Eagle Scout Project will give you information on the steps to take to complete your Eagle Project.

Eagle Rank Requirements Remember, we said that the project is just one of the Eagle Rank requirements (yes, its the big one but don’t forget the others!)

The Eagle Packet.  There is quite a lot of paperwork to get to the Council Office along with your application.  This page explains all you need in your packet.

Eagle recommendation letters.  We have a page dedicated to this important area as there are different ways to handle this aspect of preparing your packet.

The Eagle Board of Review.  The Board of Review is different for the Eagle Scout Rank and several things have to line up before it can be scheduled.  This page gives you a primer on how it works.

Eagle Resources is a one-stop shop for all the links that you need and descriptions all in one place.

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